Visual identity
Commissioned work for IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM
Exhibition scenography
Commissioned work for IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM
Portraits of Dresden
Editorial design
Artist catalogue
Commissioned public art intervention
StadtGestaltung Düsseldorf
Space drawing
Commissioned work for MISSING SCULPTURE
- Notation of Topophilia, Field Notes-
City's portraits through collected narratives from people
-About my "topos-
Diagram collections about one's place memories
Informational diagram
Regional environmental elements
Landscapes Narratives Berlin
Art and design education
Teaching in a kindergarden
Illustrated book
Archiving traces of lives inside a historical villa before gentrification
Portrait of a city
Illustrated diagram
Paralleled images of a city
Booklet for art exhibition
Editorial design
Graphic for art exhibition
Permanent public furniture
for 'walking towards on the top of Tokyo Sky Tree'
Book installation
in a former prison
Street drawings
Roadside elements which creates impressions of a city
Mapping place memories
Product design
Stage planning
Exhibition space
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