©Natsumi Sugiyama,2019

About my topos


This is first project of my research series. The installation work is composed of various kinds of diagrams under the question "How are relationships between a human and a place built?".  I began to discover this question from self deconstruction of my own childhood experiences in Mogusa, a suburban area of Tokyo, where is showing typical 'placelessness' of urban developments during rapid growth period in Japan. 

Starting from one hundred banal memories of the site, different types of diagrams - both 2 dimension​al and 3 dimensional - were created.​ Mogusa, Hino, Tokyo Japan.

​2013  "Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award" ; Grand Prize 

            "Tokyo University of the Arts,  Salon de Prantin" (Prize of top graduates)

2015   "Heibosha Dictionary of Today's Design" Selected in the special article of “Re-thinking Landscape”